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Simple Acts to Make the World Better

Don’t wait for someone else to be the change this world needs. You really do have the power to help in any way you want to. Use your gifts, talents, passions, and random acts of kindness as ways to help the nation heal and become positive.

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Protected: Week 8 Legs

Today is a great day to workout.  We all have stuff going on.  Life happens, things get crazy, we get overwhelmed, but it’s important to not let your health slip in the process.  Sadly when things get too stressful, we take less care of ourselves that begin a... read more

Week 8 Chest, Shoulders, and Triceps

Chest and Shoulders are about to burn! Make sure you are fueling your body well, drinking lots of water, and staying up with your supps for optimal performance. Time to muscle up buttercup!   Dumbbell Bench Press: pick a weight that’s a good warm up for... read more

Protected: Week 8 Back and Biceps

Inviting you Holy Spirit today into this journey, into this workout, into this day. You strengthen my spirit as you do my body. May I rejoice in all you have for me! Remember you want to eat your good carb and protein at least an hour before training, then sip on... read more

Protected: Week 7 Legs

Since you don’t have a trainer with you pushing you, you need to be inside your head pushing yourself.  Block everything else out and make the most of your workout.  Watch and study all the videos so you know exactly how to do them when you get to the gym, and... read more

Protected: Week 7 Back and Biceps

Single Arm Pull Down: 2 – 3 warm up sets of 12, then 3 x 12.  Oh I LOVE this for back workouts! Put your opposite hand on your lats to feel it activating.  This also helps with the mind to muscle connection. You can do these kneeling or sitting on a bench.... read more

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