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What will the next chapter of your life be about?  We are at the closing of one year and the beginning of the next and the choice is yours.

How about if I told you that this is about to be a great chapter by putting a few simple tips in place for you?

You aren’t just going to be setting New Years Resolutions, but tips on how to make it easier for you to succeed by doing the following:


1.  Do It Because You Love To, Not Because You Ought To

Don’t look at it as a New Years Resolution anymore.  Completely change the way you look at it. Resolutions typically slip through the cracks. Instead, look at your ‘resolution’ as a way to love yourself. When you do something because you love to, not because you ought to, you are more than likely to succeed.

For example; Instead of choosing to be healthier because you should, decide to be healthier because you love yourself enough to do it.

It is a daily practice to choose to love yourself in the way you want that chapter written.  Doing something because you ought to and doing something because you love to are two different things with different motivations.

So let’s write one hell of a chapter this year ok?  You are worth it, even if you have to remind yourself that you are.




2.  Train Your Brain

Let’s begin by training our brain to simply look at how we want this next chapter written.

It will take some getting used to.  We all know life happens and we are busy, but here is a moment of truth: EVERYONE is busy so get over it.  We all have our own little sap-stories, but we are going to work through them in order to succeed.

Like I can’t tell you how much I have always hated math and how many times I failed.  I had to train my brain to ‘love’ math.  I looked at each problem and each class completely differently, repeating ‘i love math… i love math… i love math….’ until I finally passed.  Which helped me not to get as discouraged and frustrated.

What if you trained your brain to love and change your perspective?

We are what we repeatedly do.  And how we spend a day is how we end up spending our life. 


3.  Choose to Love YOU to Succeed in 2017


Love yourself to succeed.

Love yourself to succeed.

By taking steps one and two to train your brain to see your resolutions as a way to love yourself, you are on the path of success.  Your drive and purpose becomes more internal. While putting this is practice each day, you will become more mentally aware of what matters most in life instead of getting sucked into life’s daily demands.

Make a list of ways you can really love yourself and print it out.  If you are super serious, buy a huge chalkboard and make it even more visible like this one. Be serious about loving you this year, finally conquering your goals, and writing the best chapter yet.

No seriously. Print it out, write it out, draw it out, paint a picture… whatever you have to do.  And everyday remind yourself that you love you and this bad ass chapter you are about to write.  

In the midst of having a baby any day now, here’s my list for my very own Love Challenge I printed out with some ideas you are more than welcome to steal.

4. A Motivation that Keeps You Burning from Within


Most often times when we make a resolution, the motivation dwindles away, life happens, we don’t make time anymore, it drops on the priority list, and it becomes an ugly downward spiral of defeat.  It happens to us all. Then we get to December again, sick of the year, and ready for the fresh start again.

Instead, try tapping into a more internal motivating source; we want it because we choose to love ourselves, not because we have to.  Besides, most people give up simply because they don’t feel motivated anyway.  Therefore, depending on external motivations especially, leave us dry.

An example of an external motivation is if we want to get healthy because we should or ought to, which will soon cave in and make for another poorly written chapter.  Instead, change perspective of your internal driving force, which is you simply want to love yourself enough to be a little healthier.

Like my math class.  Everyday when I wanted to give up on math, I kept reminding myself that I loved it.  Did I really love it?  No, I hated it, but it’s a little mind game to help succeed.



5.  Watch How It Impacts Your Life, Your Decisions, and Your Relationships.

See how it effects your health, life, and relationships when you do something out of love instead of doing it because you ought to.

So when you don’t want to be at the gym, remind yourself that you love it…. that you love you enough to do it. You love that feeling of accomplishment, you love the feeling of writing a damn good chapter,  you love your health becoming more vibrant and strong, or you love making a difference in your life or in your family’s.  Don’t just show up because you ‘ought to’, you show up because you ‘love to.’

This year, when choosing your resolution, allow your source of motivation to be internal, such as a new way to love yourself. Check out The Love Challenge here for more ideas. It could be as simple as meditating or praying five minutes every morning (because YOU LOVE IT), or drinking a cup of green tea instead of that third cup of coffee.

And seriously, print out your list and watch how making 2017 will be a greater success, and a greater chapter





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