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I blinked back tears while I sat on on my yoga mat .  We started sitting cross-legged on our sit bones, hands gently laying face-up on our knees, taking in deep breaths, and setting the tone for the class.  It was my first day back to my fitness journey, and just so much familiarity going on (plus all the hormones from being a new mom), that I had to breathe deep and calm myself.


It felt like just yesterday I was walking in that gym as co-workers asked how my Christmas was right after I was assaulted.  They didn’t know what happened because I didn’t talk about it.  It was why I was so distracted on my pro-snowboarding tour, that I left my boots untied as I raced with the very Olympians that were in Sochi and ended up in a wheelchair. (Read that story here.)

I was a Massage Therapist in their spa and it was in that very gym that I first began training for my first NPC Figure Competition, but was still bilateral partial weight bearing and in a wheelchair.  I trembled that day when I would lift my body from the chair to machines to train my upper body, and I was trembling this day as I attempted to breathe and flow through yoga poses in the very same gym.

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I wanted to take a picture for you because if you don’t check in on facebook or take a selfie to prove it, it never actually happened! The room was dark with meditation music so you’ll have to settle for the picture when I got home with me and my baby girl.  She just discovered her toes so I thought it was the cutest picture.

The class was only an hour long, and within 10 minutes of what appeared to be simple poses, had me rolling my eyes thinking, “Oh gosh, I still have 50 more minutes of this.”  But I kept going back to my breath, being in the moment, and remembering to not be so hard on myself. (We all do that sometimes!)


There are always setbacks in life and we aren’t always on mountain tops. Sometimes we slide down into the valley’s and it’s important to learn to love and grow while being down there looking down at that climb back to the top, but to keep walking with one foot in front of the other.  That’s where I am right now; in a valley and I’m starting over. (Read more on starting over and 5 Small Steps to Be Healthy)

If you are starting over too, don’t give up on yourself. Know where you want to be and take small steps.  Keep reminding ourselves that great things don’t happen over night.  Just get started and just show up. It will get easier.

I would say to set realistic goals but I would only be deceiving.  I can honestly say the most life-changing times of my life took place when I set unrealistic goals.  It’s healthy to take risks, as long as it doesn’t end up killing you! It’s then I raced with Olympians, surfed overhead waves in Maui, started a business, snowboarded in back country, and drove cross country. Risk takes a little bit of faith, and faith takes a little bit of risk.

So walk in faith and take a little bit of risk, even if you’re in a valley.







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