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I asked new moms and grandma’s what they love most for Mother’s Day. Their answers were all heartfelt.  None of it had anything to do with money. It makes me smile to read all the genuine responses of what really makes a mom feel special, and none of it cost anything.


  1. They all loved handmade gifts their little ones made them like pottery, drawings, cards, and jewelry.
  2. Quality time together, especially as their kids got older.
  3. Sleeping in and all the dishes and chores were taken care of for the day.
  4. Smiley face breakfast out of eggs and bacon.
  5. Letting the kids pick what to do since they are the reason we get to celebrate (zoo anyone?)
  6. Planting flowers together.
  7. Meaningful words written in a card.
  8. Wash, vacuum, and clean the windows of the car.
  9. Gifts that come back every year like hydrangeas.
  10. A bouquet of hand picked flowers.
  11. The look on the kids faces when they are so happy and proud of a gift they’ve made or given.


So with these genuine responses, enjoy something special and meaningful for mom.  What is the favorite Mother’s Day gift you have ever given or received?






Ok the greatest gift I ever got from a child was not from my son’s but from a little girl named Lily who is a non-verbal autistic child. I volunteered at bible school and this little girl just didn’t go with the flow of everybody else so the teachers where having trouble….I told them let me try and for five days we walked and I sang as she hummed. You could see her visibly get excited when I’d sing and we’d tap the music together as we walked. On the 5th day as everyone was saying their good byes Lily wrapped those arms around me and gave me a giant hug! That was the best gift I’ve ever been given knowing that this little girl really enjoyed her time with me. And she didn’t have to say a word!!! — Helen 

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