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I was just thinking how strange it was how sick I was during my entire pregnancy to think about food, yet I would be able to take out the trash and pick up dog poo the entire time.  Oh my gosh, I hated to think about food or water!

After having my baby, I still hated food and had to learn how to have a healthy relationship with it all over again.  It wasn’t about getting skinny or counting my macros like I thought I was going to do, but it was about eating healing foods more and more each day, and simply loving this new season of life. I had to remind myself of that everyday.  I still do! We always need to remind ourselves of our goals realistically.

I had to take baby steps while not comparing myself to other moms and their fantastic journeys, but to simply love my very own! I hope this inspires you to love your own journey as well, no matter where you are!  If you would like to take baby steps to your health, read 5 Small Steps to Being Healthy and Becoming a Fit Mom.

A New Wardrobe


Warned by many that my body would never be the same and then one person even took it as far as telling me goodbye to my bodybuilding career.  Quite discouraging comments, but I also have plenty of positive friends that have children, still step on stage, work daily on improving their health and physique while keeping family a priority.  Although not to compare, they are still rightfully inspiring (see below)!

I threw away all but three tanks that I rotate but they still don’t fit.  I decided to start renewing my wardrobe for my workout clothes.  Due for a shopping spree, but since my husband and I follow Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University, so we don’t shop like we used to.  You know, just buying things just because you want it or need it.  That kind of mindset caused debt and misery, and I prefer not to be there!

We plan in advance how much money is coming in that month, and tell each dollar where to go.  Maybe we are a couple of nerds, but we sit at the dining room table and have a budget meeting just between the two of us to plan every month.  This includes the emergency fund when unexpected stuff happens like the hot water tank going out and having to write a check for $1,200 to replace it, the same week my dad passed away from ALS.   Thankfully, we had that money there for an emergency and could take care of it.  Life happens and can get overwhelming.  I’m sure you are dealing with something too, but keep walking ok?

Because of our financial transformation, we have no non-mortgage debt, currently working hard to pay off the house, and we drive paid-for cars. They aren’t the shiniest, but they decrease stress by not dealing with car payments. We even plan ahead for groceries, birthdays, weddings, vacations, nutrition supplements and clothes.  It takes intentional work just like our workouts and nutrition.


We plan and save for everything!  There’s a saying, “Fail to plan, and plan to fail.” Or something like that.

So with each month I can budget to buy new workout clothes that actually fit, buying a few pieces each month.  I just took advantage of the free shipping from Sweaty Betty that just opened a store in San Francisco.  Super cute stuff and plus I read up on reviews on how some pieces fit.

They sell luxury fitness clothes but also a last chance sale going on where I bought two new yoga tops with the strappy look that I have been wanting to get more of.

I love the look of layering sports bras and tanks, and Sweaty Betty has a lot of that.  They are so versatile to wear to work and breathable enough to train hard afterwards.


Medical research says you need to lose all that baby weight within six months or else that’s thje weight you will struggle with.  I didn’t like the thought of having to struggle even MORE, so I always told myself before I would start a family, that I would get all that weight off in those six months.

But what I saw in the mirror even after a few months from giving birth was not what I was expecting at all  Grant it, I did have an emergency c-section but I looked more pregnant after having the baby than what I did when I was five months along.  A completely different body.  Nothing fit, so I gave away all my workout clothes.  I know, I know… It will all come off in due time with hard work and improving nutrition, of course. I’m not talking negative about myself at all, I was just surprised at how much work it really was going to take!


Above everything in your fitness and weight loss journey, remember this


If you get anything out of this article, let it be this:  It is so important to love your body in every stage of the journey.  We will have our chunky days, our bloated days, our sluggish days, our on-top-of-the-mountain days, our I-don’t-feel-like-it days, and oh-hello-aunt-flow-is-in-town kind of days; but we should always love our body in every single stage! And to do it without comparing to someone else.

It may sound cliche, but the only comparison should be to ourselves alone, and who we were yesterday.  Every day is an opportunity to improve.  Some of those days aren’t as glorious (I totally get those days, too!) but to stand up again and keep taking steps.  Maybe for you it isn’t about getting skinny, lean, or shredded, but to simply heal and become well again and that’s ok.

Wherever you are in your journey, to always learn to love WHO you are in that mirror during the process is more important than any achievement or result you could ever attain physically. It won’t do you any good to be shredded and appear like you are happy on Facebook when you really aren’t. Through every stage and every obstacle, love yourself. You are worth it.



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