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Obviously your body needs nutrients; as does your mind and spirit. Your body will do what you tell your mind what to do, so be aware of working on mental, emotional, and spiritual strength.  From there, your body will follow.

Feed yourself motivational and inspirational food.  Feed it strength, feed it courage, and feed it faith.



Sacrifice what you are for what you will become. 


You are becoming and transforming; never lose sight of that vision.  While life can be hard, and you may want to quit, you must rise above it and beyond it.  Watch the motivational video below to feed your mind… then go KILL it for your workout. xoxo





Week 11 Leg Day


Leg Extension:  First exercises is getting warmed up on the leg extension and lying leg curl. On the leg extension, go through the entire range of motion for your 2-3 warm up sets. Pyramid up in weight, anchoring your butt in the seat for 12, 10, 8.  Once you are warmed up, for your first set, squeeze quads HARD at the top and count to two for the squeeze and slowly lower down. Increase weight for second set, squeeze for 3 seconds at the top. Then squeeze for 4 seconds for the 3rd set.

Lying Leg Curl:  Warm up on the lying leg curl. Instead of just going through the motion, initiate the movement in your glutes. Yeah. Flex your glutes first, then curl and squeeze hard, and lower down slowly and REST PAUSE. This means drop the weight completely, rest and relax your hamstrings and glutes for one second, then squeeze glutes and curl again. Rest pause every rep. Focus on squeezing glutes. 3 sets of 15

Barbell Squat:  Now head over to the squat rack. You should be feeling the workout by now. Find a comfortable stance about shoulder width, keep core tight and engaged, don’t let it cave in because that injures your back! Watch knees to not go further than your toes. Use warm up sets to warm up and get the form right. Increase in your warm ups to find a weight you struggle to get 10 in, and when you do, blast out 3 sets of 10 with that weight. Sink low. ATG. *Make sure when you sink low and get to the bottom, that you squeeze your glutes and drive up through heels while keeping chest up and out to come back up.  Use warm up sets to learn the perfect form.

Leg Press: feet are shoulder width, or slightly wider apart. 3 seconds down and fire like a pistol. You are including more than just your hams and quads in this, but go a little deeper to feel it in your hips. Do 2-3 warm up sets, then 3 sets of 12.  When you do your first working set, grab a pair of dumbbells and do 30 walking lunges (15 on each side). Step out far enough so your knee doesn’t go over your toes.




For Best Results


Keep stretching, self-care, nutrition, and supplements part of your training program for your absolute best results.  More importantly, you gotta believe in yourself!  Sign up here to keep hearing more about all of this and more.  I’d love to help and encourage you along the way.

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