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After voting today, it’s like I walked out with an inflated ego that I did my ‘good deed’ of the day and I can kick back and relax in case one more person reminded the world to exercise their right to vote.

Well, voting today was just the easy part, nothing really to puff your chest up about, hold your breath for, or waiting in anticipation.  I actually plan not to have a reaction to hear who our new president will be, because over these pasts few months, I found peace in a better way, for our answer is not found in the results of this election… at all.

I don’t think I need to paint a picture of how this election has been going.  Watching divisions, threats, hate, disparity, and then everyone else around the world making fun of us Americans.

My hope here is to shed optimism and light, that there is more to the election then what we see and to avoid putting our hope in who wins.  In fact, lets be daring enough to say regardless of who wins, whether it’s someone you are for or against, it’s such a time as this that YOU have more power than you think.

What if I told you that you can directly influence and make a difference in this world instead of being a bystander of it waiting for someone else to solve problems?

View this as a new beginning on how we can make daily choices to improve our own lives, community, and even the globe, regardless of who is in office. It may take learning new habits and breaking old ones, but the point is for us to do it, not the president.

The election is not the answer.


The Real Leaders in Disguise are not Who You Think They Are


Promises will be broken and agendas will change because the great leader we are waiting for, isn’t exactly the leader as we are led to believe.  There are bigger guns with more gifts, donations, bribery, and lobbying that are behind the scenes playing a much more powerful role than the president.

Perhaps why some may refer to politicians as puppets, but laws are put in place by the power of such lobbyists in big industry leaders, feeding congressmen, staff, leaders, and even the president on what to say, believe, and then put into law and practice.

So you see, what matters more isn’t who is elected.

These are powerful industries that lead carefully orchestrated plans to gain even more power.  Mainstream media tells us its a democracy for the sake of the happiness of our ears, but that carefully thought out plan is to guide us to be more dependent on them, thus giving more power. They want an oligarchy, not a democracy.


How do we have a chance in changing our own lives or the world against such big guns more powerful than the President of the United States?


It is where we choose to spend, make, and invest our own money.  Although we cannot control where our taxes are being distributed to, what we can do is is be a powerful influence in our own lives, community, and even around the globe by our own lifestyle and by the purchases we make.

As citizens, we need to learn not to look to the government, president, or anyone else in that matter, as our only hope, as some savior, or problem solver.


Instead, this is where we the people roll up our sleeves, get involved, and take responsibility.  Look at ourselves as the problem and as part of the solution; and respond to that. YES. Volunteer in soup kitchens or mentoring our youth, donate time and money, support small businesses and entrepreneurs, and buy from farmers.


If you have a skill, use it to better your community. A financial planner?  Make yourself available to teach the unemployed how to manage money and to better themselves to be more marketable and do well at a job to provide for their own family.


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime. 


fullsizerender-1One of the largest industry leaders paying for more power, is the very one who controls our food, that indeed makes us sicker, therefore making us more dependent on another industry leader; Big Pharma.  It’s a vicious and corrupt cycle that needs to stop, and only you can do it.

As individuals, as families, as small businesses, we need to make a stand for our own community to be an influence or voice in making this a better nation (and a better world) before waiting for someone else to do it for us.

I vote for you and the influence you have.


Sounds Expensive


I tried growing a tomato plant once, and realized why an organic tomato naturally makes more sense to cost more than a GMO mass-produced tomato would.  More time and effort goes into quality, and keeping away pests without spraying the harmful disease causing chemicals on them.

Even then, lobbyists depend on that to trick us into believing that a small amount of chemicals isn’t all that bad in small doses.  Stated for the purpose to direct more people to continue buying GMO instead of supporting our hard working farmers and staying in power.  It’s all a game to them, but you don’t have to play.


The Biggest Mistake


The biggest mistake you could ever make, and is exactly what industry leaders play us for, is our victim mentality.

We think we can’t afford healthier and better food, or to support products made in the U.S., but its a game they play to make sure we don’t take action of our own personal lives and community. The more powerless we feel, the more they win.

Sure, it will be more expensive, and after growing my own plant, I understood why, but to not let that dictate our decisions and thinking into the hands of the puppeteers of oligarchy.


How to Change Our Own World


Although it sounds intimidating, learning how to really work with our money and spending helps.   It’s not a quick fix, as in winning the lottery or getting your dream job (just think of all the celebrities and pro athletes that went bankrupt anyways). Just like a surgery or fat burner isn’t the answer to finally being fit and healthy, it is our day-to-day choices.

A complete overhaul of thinking and spending will not only help you personally in your decisions and wealth, but also bleed into the rest of the globe in a positive way.

From experience, I was born and raised in a poverty stricken family, economy, and neighborhood.  I wasn’t born with money, and we depended on our minimal wage jobs, yet kept sinking deeper and deeper financially.

The problem was the not the minimum wage jobs, employer, or the government, the problem was the victim mentality.  It was how we lived and spent our money without a budget, discipline, or a plan. It took me years of counseling to break out of the way of thinking and living, to believe I could stand a chance and make a difference.


If I could, so could you.


I became a hardworking entrepreneur and small business owner in the massage and wellness business, donating time to local charities, and money to my church to help beyond my reach.   It wasn’t perfect and still learning more each day, but I took responsibility to become smarter with how I lived instead of playing the victim that I lived most of my life.


Learn New Spending Habits to Support Community and Live Stress Free


To take it a step further, my husband and I went through an intensive program by Dave Ramsey called Financial Peace University where we learned life changing ways to manage and budget money.  We told each dollar where to go, to slowly dig ourselves out of debt, learn new habits, and break old habits.

We are now non-mortgage debt free! Because of this new way of living and planning, now we can budget food, travel, gifts, donations, and especially tithe!


Our growing family!

Our growing family!

If we didn’t do such budgeting and lifestyle overhaul, we would be living stressful like we always did before, “If we need it or want it, just buy it, even if we didn’t have the money.”  Neither of us were born wealthy and had to make daily choices to better our lives and community.

It was a complete overhaul, to where we now have control over our finances instead of our finances controlling us.  We still meet each and every month to discuss our monthly budget, and devise a plan to live intentionally and purposely below our means to make an influence in the world, as well to save stress on ourselves and our growing family. If you want to learn how to change your own life, your own marriage, and even your community, check out Financial Peace University.

Instead of being a victim, this enabled us to discuss money arrangements, how to plan for food that support honest farmers, preventative medicine that usually isn’t accepted by insurance and avoid Big Pharma, gym memberships, paying counselors to maintain a strong and healthy marriage, and planning to support local businesses for all our Christmas gifts this year.

Not to mention we both drive old paid-for cars to lessen stress and again have more control over our money and have freedom to live in a way we can support community.

See Yourself as a Solution


If you don’t like the state of the nation, then see yourself as part of the solution.  Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you.  The more we look to someone else to fix or blame our problems, the more control and power we give them.  Plan and budget to support where your money will make a difference and withdraw support from the industry leaders that add to our problems.  Trust me, the president won’t be your answer, whoever it will be when they announce tonight.

Live wisely.  Support small businesses, overhaul your personal budget and spending to see how you too can change your community and even the world.

You are a positive and influential being in this nation, make wise choices and purchases with your day-to-day decisions.

Remember you are not a victim, so don’t act like it, nor lose hope.  Take ownership and responsibility of your own life and put your money where it will make a difference. It’ll start by making a difference in your personal life, but the more we pull the plug of the big industry leaders lead by power and corruption, the less power they have, and the more freedom we have.

You DO have the power.  Do something with it.

I vote for you.


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