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On today’s short walk around the neighborhood, all bundled up in a puffy Adidas jacket on a chilly November day, a gust of wind threw open someone’s recycling bin, with boxes, papers, and plastics taking off wildly through the streets and nearby yards.

Bending over isn’t exactly easy these days at seven months pregnant, but I continued to track down as many pieces of recycling as possible that continued to blow across yards and then distributed back into bins, while my 80 pound Alaskan Malamute succeeded in wrapping his leash around poles or attempting to pull my shoulder out of socket.

What I was doing gave me a picture of the nation as I picked up other people’s recycling, and how to continue praying for us.

While some are acting in love picking up the pieces, many more are out there dumping and kicking over bins, stirring more trash to circulate, making problems worse instead of being part of a solution.

I don’t know about you, but I want to be the one that acts in love, compassion, and understanding despite what each others bins of beliefs may hold.  Circulating the trash only makes our own life, community, and the nation dirtier.

But it can’t be just one person doing it, or relying on others to do it, we each have a role to play.

Look for opportunities that you can help our nation heal and prosper.  If you don’t like the state of the nation we are in, offer to take part of a solution, not just noise and trash.

Volunteer, serve, donate, tithe, mentor, buy local, support farmers… the list goes on!  Read my last blog post about how you have more power than you realize to change the world here: Why You Have More Power for Change than the President


PS Sorry there aren’t any photos or visuals.  I broke my phone aka camera. Oops. 


bailey 1Hi! I'm Bailey! I am a national athlete in two sports, passionate about natural living, and even more passionate about getting and giving the MOST out of this short life. I massage, coach, compete, and share all my secrets here. Enjoy!

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