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If this is your first time visiting my blog, I typically blog about lifestyle and wellness.  However, being the state of the nation with a few days after Trump was elected president, people are responding in ugliness of frustration, anger, and even hate.  All which effects our overall wellness, but how do we respond to that?

We are seeing the true colors of character, mostly pointing fingers desperately trying to find someone to blame, but rarely is someone willing to take responsibility to be a positive change or a positive voice. But there’s hope, and YOU can be part of it.

img_4065My initial post was written on the day we were all casting our votes, in hopes to shed light for each of us to be part of the solution instead of waiting for the next president to do it.

While it is easier to point fingers, no one will move forward in their personal life, spiritual life, nor as a community, nation, or world with that mentality.  We need to think (and follow through with action) how we can be part of the solution, beyond the victim mentality. If you don’t realize you really can make a positive change, you can read that post here: Why You Have More Power for Change than the President.

We all can make a difference by getting involved, buying locally, taking responsibility, and find ways to do random acts of kindness (and many other ways I am about to share at the end).

I never post or tell others when I do such acts, because it looks like I’m doing it for a pat on the back or compliments.  Don’t love others or do random acts of kindness to be seen as godly or to put yourself on a pedestal, but simply do it in secret, to make a little change in the world, or at least somebody else’s world.

After some prayer, I may start sharing those random acts of kindness I do in secret to muffle out the noise of the rest of the world.  Sure, it may only be a pebble in an ocean, but maybe we all can be pebbles together and sound like rain putting out the fire of hate and anger. Let’s make it rain!

Intentionally look for moments to love and show kindness, especially to someone who may not look like you. Our non-white and LGBT neighbors are fearful these days. If you are on the receiving end of such kindness, be sure to share with the world… add another pebble.

As my first time sharing a random act of kindness that I never publicly share (like I said, I am not doing it for compliments!).  But last night I was at the huge World Cup Qualifier with my husband and referee friends that was sold out.  It was #USAvMEX where the U.S. has never allowed Mexico to score in this game in 15 years, and defeated them 2-0 every time.  Also known as #dosacero.

It was impressively and thoughtfully put into place to arrange the entire stadium into a card stunt that read, “One Nation One Team”.  Not only what this stadium needed to see and hear, but how the nation needs to live by.  We are in this together.

One Nation One Team

One Nation One Team



For the first time, Mexico scored.

Flags, poncho’s, and sombrero’s, were going wild as I saw their faces light up chanting “Mexico! Mexico!”

I’ve heard of many disturbing racial acts of hatred going on, so even though I am seven months pregnant, I was playing every scenario in my mind, and how I would respond if anything racist would occur to our neighbors to the south. It wouldn’t be the first time I stood up for someone, nor would it be the last.

Thankfully by the end of the game, I still kept my eyes out, but instead I saw time and time again the U.S. fans patting the Mexico fans on the back, giving them high fives, and even hugs to congratulate them. (The U.S. was disappointed to let Mexico score and then ultimately win, but Mexico looked like they just played harder.)


Acts of Kindness

But the moment I want to share with you, the act of kindness that I always keep to myself about, was during halftime. My husband and I made our way to the concession stands of the stadium and waited in line.   In the sold out event of almost 25,000 people, everyone was pushed up close to one another while waiting for their nachos, beer, and pretzels.

Turning to look behind me, I caught the eye contact of a father with his young son of brown skin color (not sure where from), so I waved and smiled, asking what they were ordering.

“Oh, just a sprite and a popcorn. Why?” The father responded.

“Because it’s on us; our treat!  Are you sure that’s all you want? Can we get you anything else?” I said with a smile excited to make someone smile and remind them that there really are good people in the world despite the ugly racist behaviors we are shown.

He smiled and his big brown eyes lit up, “Are you kidding me?!”

Look for Your Opportunity 

So I want to challenge you to keep a look out for opportunities to love your neighbors, to be pebbles in an ocean muffling out the noisy negativity, and make it rain with positivity.  Don’t wait for someone else to do it, or wait for our leaders to do it.  You really do have the power to help in any way you want to. Jesus was always such a great example of that.

Each day look for the person right in front of you, or in my case at the game last night, the father right behind me.  Show them kindness, that we are one nation, one team, and stronger together. Read More on how to Be Part of Healing Our Nation.

Want specific ways to help your community?  See list below. If you have more ideas, please share in comments!

My husband taking a photo of me during the card stunt of #onenation #oneteam. LOOK for opportunities to be an impact, show kindness, to roll your sleeves up, and get involved.

My husband taking a photo of me during the card stunt of #onenation #oneteam. LOOK for opportunities to be an impact, show kindness, to roll your sleeves up, and get involved.



The ways I have personally gotten involved, was through community events at checking into my local church where my husband and I attend by tutoring with Urban Impact with troubled middle schoolers after school, raising awareness to end child sex trafficking while competing in snowboarding and bodybuilding, budgeting to help a single mom financially, mentoring, serving the homeless, and donating professional skills. Again, not saying this to pat myself on the back, but giving more examples.  If perhaps God put a passion in you for something specific, to go research groups to how you can be a POSITIVE influence and take an active part as a solution in the world.

Ways to Roll up Your Sleeves:

  1. Call local churches for more ways to serve.
  2. Buy local
  3. Research local food pantries
  4. Community centers (help medically and/or professionally)
  5. Go to nursing homes and homeless shelters to visit and pray with others
  6. Empower Women and Girls through Live Your Dream
  7. Mentor Youth at Big Brother Big Sister
  8. Help End Child Sex Trafficking through awareness or starting a chapter in your hometown through
  9. Educate your community about children being lured into sex trafficking and how to find them through S.O.A.P
  10. 11 Creative Ways to Volunteer
  11. Volunteer through the Red Cross
  12. Volunteer for our LGBT friends and community Point Foundation, LGBT Suicide Prevention
  13. Get matched where you are passionate about at Volunteer Match! (Thank you for the suggestion Janessa!)
  14. Where you heart and passion is, pray how God can use you there in a healing way.  Be Part of Healing Our Nation.



Thank you Shelby for asking for more ways to get involved and to help others.  You are such a positive person yourself!

Would you consider doing a blog post with information regarding national volunteer groups or donation-based organizations which focus on minorities or women? My feeling is that there are a lot of liberals who because they have no positive and readily available outlet they are expressing their…frustration and fear in truly negative ways. I don’t believe in negative expression, and I look for and find ways to positively impact on my own, but I know others who need a push.– Shelby


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