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Looking for an inspirational gift guide for health and fitness junkies? Also for those that care about their overall wellness.  From stocking stuffers that speak inspiration and encouragement, to mugs that will make you laugh, everything you need is right here.


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The Upright Smart Wearable Posture Trainer for iOS and Android is the only smart wearable trainer recommended by physicians, chiropractors, and therapists, to help decrease back pain and obviously for improving posture.  In today’s world of being at desk, taking selfies, texting, etc, we do more things to hurt our posture rather than support it.  Train your mind and body for correct posture now, before your spending lots of money trying to fix it later.

The Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker for iOS and Android measures and tracks your breathing through the day, helping to remind you to breathe for a more calm and focused day.  Don’t let stress and anxiety get the best of you.

We need that reminder to wake up, kick ass, and to REPEAT it.  We have our highs and lows, but it all starts in our mind and spirit. Click on the tank to the left to see more of what Sweaty Betty has for yoga, workout, swim, and ski! And take advantage of free shipping.

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Game changer right here!  The Inspiralizer makes eating healthy EASY, inspiring, and fun.  It’s a way to enjoy vegetables in a NEW way every single day.  Stay inspired with their Inspiralize Everything recipe book from apples to zucchini!

Burts Bees Natural Skin Care for men.



Burts Bees Classic Gift Set that has everything to hydrate your skin from head to toe!


Pure Himalayan Crystal Bath Salt containing 84 minerals that does a body good to soak in for relief. Promotes sinus health, prevent muscle cramping and soreness, decrease stress, and help your sleep.


Diffuse your favorite aromatherapy in home, bedroom, or office. Essential oils have been used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years and are regularly used in spas today.  Wellness folk love having them part of their every day lives and medicine cabinets, not just in the spa.


Who doesn’t want to go after dreams, goals, and think more positive every day?  Tools are all around us and within us, here is a great way to tap into it.


Enjoy natural fruit infused water from home in a BPA free water bottle and stay well-hydrated all day. Try different recipes and enjoy!


Fruit infusion pitcher to be all healthy and fancy at the same time.  BPA free too.


The book that gives you handy dandy fresh recipes to drink more water using water infuser bottles.  If you aren’t crazy about getting all your water in, this is one way to overcome it, replenish your body, and sneak in more vitamins and nutrients.


Having an Isobag makes meal prep so much easier.  You have all your meals for the day to keep it easier to enjoy.  Almost every fitness competitor has one and swears by it.  Pockets for carrying shaker bottles and supplements too. Pack all your healthy meals for the day, and helps you to reach for a homemade meal before anything else.  A great tool to help you succeed.


The ultimate pressure cooker that makes perfect rice, stews, oatmeal, and quinoa in a flash. Plus it’s a steamer and yogurt maker?  Gosh.  Every healthy eater’s dream.  One of my ultimate favorite kitchen gadgets just because it makes life just a little bit easier.


Foam rolling isn’t just for the professional athletes, it’s for everybody.  Fascia and muscles get tight and restrict our movement, causing aches and pains.  Roll out tension and you’ll just feel the benefits.


Probably the best water bottle filter out there.  Removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria and surpasses EPA standards of removing E.Coli.  Easy way to fill with tap water and go to is stay well-hydrated.


Award winning water filter that removes 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria.  Campers, hikers, runners, nature-lovers, and doomsday preppers love the convenience of these.  Good for 1000 liters.


S’well Insulated, Triple Walled Stainless Steel Water Bottle, Blonde Wood In 17oz.  Cut down on water bottle waste and carry one of these snazzy ones to the gym or work.

Get all those nutrients in with this Hamilton single serve blender.  Just blend and go!  Makes great smoothies, icy drinks, protein shakes and more!


Black coffee can boost your performance and your workout.  Athletes dig this as much as the hippies and hipsters.  Great gift for coffee lovers.  Check out this coldbrew kit with organic filters.


Organic Kombucha Starter Kit.  Food is medicine and there are plenty of studies showing this is great to drink everyday.  Benefits from improved digestion, weight loss, increased energy, cleansing and detoxifying, immune support, reduced joint pain, and perhaps even cancer prevention. A good bandwagon to jump on.


Oh the benefits of tea, let me count thy ways! This double walled glass tea strainer is lovely for tea-drinkers, and a cap to keep it warm.


The AccuBall helps to relieve tension with two types of pinpointed knot release therapy.  Great for athletes and non-athletes to keep their body free to move.


Those trigger points causing pain are not welcome in our body!  Active people love devices like this to help maintain their performance and well-being.


A transformed Fitbit Flex into fine jewelry that comes in silver, 22k plated gold, and rose gold.


Whether it’s a work out or a night out, the Fitbit Blaze can track it all in style. Syncs with Android and Windows devices.


Make your own chips in the microwave.  Great family fun with the kids or the health nut that loves making snacks from scratch.


Fitness junkies love finding more ways to get more protein in without all the extra junk.  Plus, who doesn’t love pancakes?


Healthy eaters love this.  They can bring their supplements, protein powder, and BCAA’s to keep them going strong, without all the mess of carrying baggies.

The meal-prepper that carries their meals with them every day for the best results will love this.  If they are on the go and it’s time for their next meal, here they can finally eat it warm!


These touchscreen gloves from Columbia are perfect for the runner that doesn’t want to take them off on a cold run to change the music.


Journaling can do wonders for our health, but sometimes we need a little prompting.  The 5 Minute Journal takes the intimidation out of writing and helps get the creative juices flowing. Improve your mental well-being and feel better every day!


This just makes me smile.  Impress your healthy cook with this Aquaponic Herb Farm.


Turn your favorite fruits into frozen healthy desserts!  One of Oprah’s favorites, it should be yours too!


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Live well and give the gift of health and happiness!


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