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She needs to be empowered by the ones who love her most, YOU.  


She needs to feel loved, inspired, listened to, and thought of.  Who more to make her feel so empowered other than you?  Whether she’s a best friend, girlfriend, boss, or wife; surprise her with a gift!  Here are a few ideas!

Go ahead, empower her day!




It’s a stressful world and we need a gentle reminder to breathe to make the most out of life.  Give her permission to do that for a more calm and focused day with the Spire Mindfulness and Activity Tracker. She’ll be less stressed…. and so will you (*wink *wink).

Compatible for iOS and Android.

We don’t want to get to the end of our life and reflect on all the adventures we didn’t take.  We want to smile and know we lived life fully. Be open to adventures, for they may awaken your soul!

Have a burst of inspiration and confidence every time you look at your bracelet to simply ‘be’ thankful, brave, kind, happy, kind, true, and strong.  We need those reminders everyday.

Because every woman has her own unique talents, calling, and tata’s. Little ones, big ones, reconstructed ones…. because confidence is in you, not in your rack.  Let this mug remind you.

Belief is the strongest super power in the world.  When you tap into believing, you are unstoppable.

Everyone needs boundaries and this book written by docs’s cannot be recommended high enough.  Learn how to be even more empowered by putting that little ‘no’ word into practice.  Seriously.  It’s an art.

Feel good about being a little more green. This itty bitty concrete planter adds a little life and creativity to your desk.  Just add pebbles to the bottom to aid in draining and a few teeny tiny plants and enjoy!

Refreshing addition to your day.

Manage stress to not let it rule you.  Find things that help you relax your mind and become restored to function at it’s best.

Be reminded you are a badass every single day.  This doesn’t mean be a jerk, but put on your big girl pants and conquer your world one shrubbery at a time.

Have intriguing conversations instead of that small talk.  You can only talk about the weather so much, try something a little different.  You may gain a friend out of it too.

A fancy chalkboard sticker the size of your door.  You can’t forget your dreams and goals if you write them loud where you will see them everyday.   Keep them in your heart and live them out.  You can do it! Here’s another tool to help!

Want to surprise her?  Put the self-adhesive chalk board on the back of her door, full of encouragement, write a letter, motivating quotes, or favorite memories. Most women love the little things.

All about supporting local businesses and artists while adding some flare to your home or office.  That’s something to feel good about!

Not into being average?  Me neither.

Get some caffeine into your veins and some inspiring daily message into your mind.  To be positive, you must train your mind to think positive.

Be strong and courageous.  Words of wisdom to live by.

Be clothed in dignity and strength… and write about it.  Journaling helps to increase self-awareness, write out prayers, record answered prayers, and is an outlet for processing emotions instead of bottling them.

Take a little time to know yourself instead of just trying to survive the day. Nurture that creativity within for exploration and self-awareness.

Happiness is a choice, not a product of life’s circumstances.  Make lists to choose to see the positives in life, the balance, and the joy.

There are times to simply be still… and then there are times to hustle.  We can’t expect everything to just fall magically on our lap or appear without work.  May this motivate to keep hustling!

Declutter life and your mind.  One of my favorite tips in here is taking everything out of your closet and dumping on the floor to figure out what stays and what goes.

Tampon holder.  Laugh at your period or cry your heart out.

Yes, that’s right.  And don’t you forget it!!! One small positive thought in the the morning can change your whole day.

Conversation is intimacy, but sometimes we need a little help.  Spark up your talks a little bit and see her light up.

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Make someone feel empowered today!


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