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I love beginning my day with a meditation and devotional. Life is easily busy or chaotic; sometimes dizzy if we are doing too much.  I know for me, I love moments to simply just be and breathe, but I have to FIGHT to make it happen. I have to be truly intentional to set aside some sacred time to be free of distractions to not just clear my head, but for all the amazing health benefits of meditation.

Meditation not only benefits the mind and body, but also the soul. It can help meditators become more empathetic. Meditators tend to have higher alpha waves, which are known to reduce feelings of negative mood, tension, sadness, and anger. – Lizette Borelli

I am such a big believer in it, that I lead most of my massage therapy sessions in guided meditation to help clients get the most that they can for their time.  It is mentally coaching them to leave work at work instead of dragging it with them on the massage table through the power of breathing and being present. (You can see a video of this with a bodybuilder and powerlifter while releasing his abs and coaching his breath on instagram and facebook @massagebybailey.)




We can all be under stress from time to time, but to live under stressful conditions can cause mental and physical harm.  To make it even more real, it can kill you if you don’t learn to deal with it.  But take a deep breathe, I’m about to share some tips to help manage it.

Routine stress related from pressures of work, family, and daily responsibilities can pile up.  Stress will happen, but how you choose to deal with it on a regular basis can help soothe your mind and bring physical relief. Not to mention decrease anxiety, depression, improve sleep, increase energy and productivity, to think more clearly, and to act more empathetically.

The hard part is being committed to actually dealing with stress instead of allowing the stress to run us. Read more on How to Reduce Stress.

Please enjoy the video on mediation and the tips below!



(see full article here)

start small by creating mindful habits

  1. Meditate every morning.  Start your busy day on the right mindset by being centered and grounded.  Not only will this ease anxiety, but it also trains your brain with positive neural pathways.  I personally enjoy waking up to sit at my desk and feel my feet on the floor, my hips on the chair, my eyes closed, and just feel the breath in through my nose.  I love the feeling of invited God’s presence into my morning, because it’s His morning anyways. Choose a truth He has given you about you and mediate on that truth.  Something as simple as “I am valued.” Really makes an impression on your brain and your beliefs.  Thoughts and tasks may try to distract you, but continue focusing on your meditation.
  2. Take short breaks through your day.  Simply take 2-5 minutes to breathe deeply.  Revisit your morning meditation that you are valued.  Feel the air in through your nose, feel your stomach expand, intentionally push your shoulders down and away from your ears.

“Deep breathing counters the effects of stress by slowing the heart rate and lowering blood pressure,” psychologist Judith Tutin, PhD.

  1. Slow down and be more present.  When talking with someone, truly listen and engage with them instead of looking to your phone or waiting for them to start talking so you can talk.  Walk and enjoy the fresh air and feel it against your cheek.  Take your time enjoying a cup of tea, or savoring every bite of a meal.  Be present… stop checking out like a vacant building.
  2. Listen to your body. Throughout the day, visualize a scanner from head to toe looking for tension in your body.  Sit comfortably or lay on your back and begin at your toes simply being aware of how each area feels.  Breathe through and mentally relax that area to melt tension.
  3. Move more.  We were created to hunt and gather, not sit at desks all day.  Make opportunities as often as possible to walk, do yoga, take the kids to the park and play, and exercise on a regular basis. (Below are more articles on the benefits of exercise.)

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We can’t exactly control our situations, but we can control how we handle and respond to stress. Read more on how to reduce stress.



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