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All it takes is a single blink and she will take her first steps, loose her first tooth, graduate, and will be dancing at her wedding.

Being present is more important than ever for me especially being a new mom.  All those years of practicing meditation and mindfulness to learn the art of being present is now here with this golden opportunity.  This is all going to go by so quickly and I don’t want to miss a thing.

I look to share a vibrant and active life with her. It’s not up to waiting for schools, coaches, and churches to teach her how to live, but first and foremost from her parents.


Be Active


In my 20’s, I decided to learn how to surf and walk with Jesus (why not do it at the same time, right?) so I moved to Maui, lived in hostels, and made friends from all over the world. It was the coolest thing that one of them was a professional surfer for Billabong and later had two babies. She took them with her everywhere; even out to sea! She said,

Your kids are mini versions of you.  They look up to you and want to do everything you are doing, so take them with you!

The kind of mom I want to be!

The kind of mom I want to be!


Her name is Audrey, and I love to see how her two kids literally do everything with her from paddleboarding, dirt bike racing, and snowboarding way before they were 8.  #momgoals

Thankful for this girl showing the world that being a mom doesn’t mean you have to stop living.  There’s even more living to do, inviting the mini-me’s along and pour our life into theirs.  But this means we have to be fit and healthy too!



Becoming a Fit Mom


Before getting pregnant, I planned to continue working out and eating healthy, not allowing cravings to get the best of me.  It was an interesting and miserable pregnancy.  I was practically on bedrest for 3-4 months and had to get injections and take progesterone for pre-term labor, and I absolutely hated food.  No cravings.  I hated food. Period.

I ate whatever I could get down that day and none of it was healthy.  Ugh.  Some days it was Ramen Noodles, other days it was an Egg McMuffin, and then washed down with a huge Coke because drinking anything else made me so sick. Not drinking anything obviously made me worse. Pregnancy is the weirdest phenomenon!


Starting Over!


Long story short… I am starting over!  I’m currently easing back into yoga before I start weight training, and learning a healthy relationship with food again.  So I am going at a whole new pace these days to be present in my own healing and being a mom.  For the longer version of the story read 10 Things to Do When You Hurt.



First Day of Mommy and Baby Yoga

First Day of Mommy and Baby Yoga

Small Steps to Being Healthy


If you are like me and wanting to make some small steps to being healthy, here are simple steps I am living by to get started while not obsessing over my fitness and macro-counting. Nurture your well-being.

Nurture your well-being.


Eat more of the clean foods that nourish you. If overhauling your diet and counting your macros is too much, I understand, that’s exactly where I am right now too! Don’t be discouraged, but take small steps of eating more foods that nourish you, and don’t beat yourself up when you want a donut! Get in your protein, good fats, and lots of vegetables. Especially if you are nursing you need more calories, just do your best to eat the right ones.


Water. Not staying hydrated messes with your mind and body.  Find the easiest way that works best for you to get your water in for the day.  I personally like to carry a gallon jug and try to finish it by the end of the day.  If I don’t have it, I easily forget about it.  I try to have it with me at my desk when writing, and in my massage studio to chug before and after a session.  If you want flavor, you can try natural water enhancers or buy an infuser water bottle or pitcher. Find what way works best for you.


Move. Get involved with the next step from wherever you are.  If you have been on the couch (ah-hem, like me…) maybe just walking around the block, hitting some walking paths and trails, spin class, or yoga is exactly what you need.


Don’t compare yourself where you used to be.  Be present with exactly where you are and take small steps. It was just last year I was competing nationally in two different sports and now just walking up the stairs has me winded, and getting back into the gym makes me nervous to start over. I can sit here and grumble about it or just take a small step… I’d rather take that small step!


Self-Love. Desire the things above because you want to preserve and nurture your well-being. Whether it’s a monthly massage, daily meditations, girls night out, do it for a healthier you. Take the Love Challenge by discovering a thing or two to do each day to love yourself enough to make the changes you want to make. You are worth it.


In the upcoming months, I will be sharing my journey back to being healthy again. It will be one step at a time.  I’d love to hear in the comments of your experiences! I hope to hear from you!

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