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Back upon request!  12 weeks of weight training programs are at your disposal. They include instructional videos from some of my favorite trainers around the world, as well as I explain exactly how to do each one, with different variations, so you are never doing the same workout twice.


Keeps your mind and muscle challenged… and hungry for more.  


Inspired from the training style by working with John Meadows that took me to winning my very first figure competition and helping me understand nutrition better than I ever had before.

The thing about working with an online trainer, is that you don’t have someone there to push you or correct you.  Through this training program, you will learn how to study the videos, try different variations, and learn to be your own best encourager.

I am often inside my head playing the coach or trainer saying, “that’s too easy, try a little more weight… c’mon you got this… squeeze hard… drive up… only two more… BREATHE!”

Which is great, because it’s about time you believed in yourself anyways, right?  Start believing so you can feel the confidence, feel the strength, feel empowered, see transformations, have fun, be challenged, and never stop learning.


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Photo Credit Rick Burbacher

Photo Credit Rick Burbacher


To do these programs, you will need full access to a gym that holds dumbbells, leg press, squat rack, smith machine, bench (flat, decline, incline), bench press, cable machine, leg extension, laying and sitting leg curl, bosu ball, and a back extension machine.

Who is this for?

For healthy individuals looking to be healthier and stronger. If you have any health conditions or concerns, always check with your health care professional.  The exercises are not for beginners.  However if you are a beginner, you will need to study the video’s within the program in advance, so you can be sure to execute the proper form to prevent injury.  You can also ask a trainer at your gym to spot you or how to properly do an exercise.

The Program

The program has been built to be completed three days per week.  The awesome thing is that you don’t need to live in a gym to get lean and sculpted.  It’s just having the tools to do it. Look at your calendar in advance, and make a point to get all three done before the end of the week.  Doing this helps you be more flexible with your schedule and not having to reschedule with your trainer.  You have all your workouts here, you just need to do one thing:  GET ALL THREE DONE BY THE END OF THE WEEK.

Think of your three training days are the backbone of your fitness, then work your abs and cardio when it’s best for you and your schedule.

The workout splits are:

  1. Back and Biceps
  2. Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
  3. Legs

If you prefer to have shorter days, you can take the tricep and bicep workouts to make a 4th day. I personally like to spend as little time in the gym so I can be with family and working on my next writing project.

Extra Day

If you having a lagging body part, you can add in a 4th day, but not necessary.  Most people do this with butt, legs, or a completely separate day for shoulders.


Abs and Cardio

Schedule your three main training days, then move your abs and cardio conveniently around those days.  In fact, if I am super busy and have to cut something out, I cut out cardio.  (If you are training for endurance, this obviously isn’t a good idea!). You can do abs and/or cardio following your training, or do it on an off day.

Here is a sample week of sprinkling abs, calves, and cardio around three main days:

  • Monday: Back, biceps, quick abs, 15-20 minute HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)
  • Tuesday: yoga or spin class
  • Wednesday: Chest, Shoulders, Triceps (i usually don’t do abs or cardio on chest day because those workouts are the longest)
  • Thursday: Legs, quick abs.  (No cardio on leg day)
  • Friday: off
  • Saturday: abs and HITT
  • Sunday:  light cardio


With this program, you get the very workouts I did and still do.   Expect them to take about an hour, and the chest days are just a little longer because you are getting your shoulders in there too.  Make it a goal to at least get the three workouts in by the end of the week and you’ll feel and see the changes when you accompany with a proper nutrition plan and supplements.



This feature is not free with the weight training program but free tips within the program.

Nutrition Supplements

EAA’s while lifting, a good fish oil, protein powder, super greens, B6 and B12, Vitamin D, and probiotics are the most important supps I keep in my regular regime.


Disclaimer:  I am not a registered dietitian, doctor, or even a personal trainer.  These are all simply my own that are back upon request, so I am putting them all here for you.  Always check with a doctor before starting any program.

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