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I am working my way towards a minimalistic life, where I would rather have one pair of great jeans vs have 10-20 pairs. Buying a lot of the cheap stuff just isn’t worth it, and in fact, I wasted MORE money buying the cheap stuff than I did with good quality.  I am learning you really do get what you pay for these days, so I plan to buy the products that work the best.

There are some Labor Day Sales going on right now to a few of my favorite places that I listed below.  I started refreshing my workout wardrobe due to My Pospartum Body from Sweaty Betty who just opened up a new store in San Francisco; and SmartWool for all their active gear.  (See the affiliate links below from 15% to 25% off and some stores free shipping.)

Living a Full Life


My baby just turned seven months old and have been planning on showing her how to live a healthy, full, and an adventurous life. In just a few weeks, I will be taking her hiking in Maine, later in Montana, and then my husband will join us in Europe.  So I am shopping at SmartWool so I can stick to minimalistic lifestyle for the traveling. I plan to only pack a few things that I can trust and bring value to the trip.  It’s going to be tricky enough carrying a baby, so packing minimal is a must.

Fabrics that are comfortable, breathable, and versatile so packing socks and tops from SmartWool (You can see their sales in the links below).

To avoid clutter, we follow simple rules in our home, that if you buy one thing, you need to donate at least one thing. There really is no need for cluttered closets and dressers.  I’m not perfect by any means, but slowly working towards less and less, and it really is much easier!

The key is buying a few pieces that are great quality in the first place, so check out the deals below and join me!


Nutrition Supplements for Athletes


When it comes to training and performing, if you aren’t getting the nutrients you need, you aren’t going to perform your best, nor get the physique you want.  That’s why I look up most to John Meadows with Granite Supplements who is built on performance, honesty, and integrity.  For their Labor Day Sale, they have 15% of their supplements, so go check them out for thermogenics, EAA’s, recovery and pre-workouts.

What is Minimalism?


I will expand more on minimalism because it has a lot to do with a FULL life with less things.  Basically, many people complain about not being ‘able’ to live the life they want because they have to buy all the things and in every color, and our things end up OWNING us vs us owning our own lives.  Be sure to subscribe to keep you updated.



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Sweaty Betty


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Sweaty Betty Labor Day Sale
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