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How are you doing so far in learning to be more mindful in your weight training?  As I have been doing my very best to explain throughout these past 10 weeks, I hope you have been getting a little better each day to really connect with the muscle you are training.  It’s almost like meditation, but for your body.  Visualize the muscle firing on each rep, engage your core, and focus on your breathing.

These workouts should never get boring because there is always something to work on, and always something to improve. The more you engage your mind in this program, it acts like a meditation mentally, but you just keep getting sexier the more you do it!  Read 3 Reasons Why Weight Training is Sexier than Jennifer Lawrence, but SPOIL alert; it has absolutely nothing to do with JL.


Time to Train, BABY!


One Arm Dumbbell Row:  Starting this back workout with the dumbbell one arm row. Be sure to to 2-3 sets to fully warm up. Each rep feel your shoulder blade stretch out as the dumbbell comes closer to the ground, back flat, then initialize the movement in your lats to drive the weight back up. Aim to feel the movement in the part of your lats just below your shoulder blade. Remember to count 3 seconds and stretch, then drive and squeeze lats. Increase the weight every set for 12, 10, then 8.

Close grip lat pulldown: Using a different attachment, so get that puppy and make it work. Be smooth on the movement and squeeze the lats.  Arch back, keep chest and chin up. Stretch your lats when the bar is coming up, letting your scapula’s stretching out a bit before driving back down.  Squeeze shoulder blades together and initiate the movement in your lats. 10, 8, 6 increasing weight each time.  This is one of my favorites for lats.

Superset cable rows and face pulls:  Cable rows we are doing differently. On odd numbers, stretch shoulder blades out as far as you can like we have been doing, but on the even numbers don’t stretch them out completely for 3 sets of 10. Every other rep is stretched out.  Then go directly into the face pulls for 3 x 15.
Dumbbell Shrugs:  Go heavy with dumbbell shrugs, but watch your form. 3 x 10

Rear Delt Laterals on the Pec Machine: Use a neutral grip and go for 3 x 15.  Remember to be intentional with each and every moment to really visualize and activate your rear delts.


Remember to watch and study all the videos to prevent injury.



Finishing back day with 8 sets of biceps. Since your biceps are plenty warmed up with back exercises, might as well blast through the biceps. Superset for 4 sets. Go heavier on the EZ bar curl for 8, then straight to the cable curl for 8. Rest only slightly. Arms usually don’t need much rest. Just blast through it, but still counting 3 seconds down, and squeeze for a second or two. 4 x 8 on each one resting minimally with arms.

Really watch the clock with your rest. Rest minimally to power through yet having enough to rest to make the most of each rep. Use your breath to help push and perfect your form.


Burn Fat


During your training, be fueling your muscles properly with intra-workout supplements.  Muscle burns fat than anything else, so feed them.  My first choice is Adamantium Amino’s by Granite Supplements. You can usually have another serving or two through the day of it if you are craving something sweet without the guilt.

To speed metabolism, there are another few tricks.  Keeping a tight diet is the most important way, fueling your muscles with BCAA’s and high protein diet (unless you prefer keto diet), and using a natural fat burner like Quadralean. Granite Supplements also has a thermo-metabolic enhancer to prep for an event.

I use QuadraLean only while preparing for a show to get that extra edge.  Having thryroid disease, I’m limited to what is ok for me to use.  There are much more powerful fat burning supplements out there, but the best way for any of them to work, is if you train hard and stick to your meal plan.

Each day you make improvements, each day it will get easier!  All of it will eventually become the habit you wished you have!  Instead of wishing you had someone else’s dedication, each day is an opportunity to practice your own.

Keep at it…. soon enough you will amaze yourself!



Disclaimer:  I am not a registered dietitian, doctor, or even a personal trainer.  These are all simply my own that are back upon request, so I am putting them all here for you.  Always check with a doctor before starting any program.  To support blogging activities and these programs, I may receive compensation from affiliate programs such as


Let me know in the comments how you are feeling!

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