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Habits Build a Lifestyle


Great job for getting in the habit of doing these workouts three days a week and learning to make them part of your lifestyle.  See?  It is absolutely doable to have a healthier lifestyle.

If you want more than three days, you can do more as long as you don’t over train.  Also, I found that not healing and recovering enough before your next training, can weaken that next training session, and to me that defeats the purpose.  Make sure you are fueling well with great nutrition (following a meal plan is best) plus taking great supplements like Granite Supplements.

The awesome thing is, is that you can make it work for you and your own life. If you want more than the three days, you can make your fourth day to target a lagging body part. In this program, you have one day for back and biceps, a second day for chest, shoulders, and triceps, and a third day for legs.  You can add a 4th day for a body part needing a little more attention, but make three days your minimum and you’ll be set.

For one season. I made a fourth day just to train shoulders and build them up.  Another season my fourth day I used to train glutes. All great to get them stronger, fuller, and more shape for competitions.  Consistently placing top 5 in every show including the Arnold means I must be doing something right… all while being realistic.




Simply ‘sprinkle’ abs, cardio, and calves around your main three days.  You can either do them at the end of your chest or back day (never after leg day), or do them on a day of their own. This is also a great time to take advantage of doing classes you enjoy, like spin, yoga, or hip hop.

So you should never be getting bored!


Stay Strong with Three Days of Training


These three training days per week are really key to staying strong and healthy. Combined with a tight diet, you can have the best physique of your life. And when I say ‘tight diet’, I don’t mean eating salad all day kind of diet, but a meal plan full of well balanced proteins, carbs, and good fats.

When you hit a plateau, don’t be discouraged!  Plateaus mean your body has reached it’s full potential with your workouts and/or nutrition and may need a little tweak.  Even the most ripped physiques out there hit plateaus and then have to make adjustments to keep moving forward.

This is week 11 of a 12 week program. If you didn’t sign up for it yet, be sure to click below and I’ll email it to you.




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Week 11 Chest Day!


Cable Cross Over: Have the cables slightly above shoulder height. Lean into the cables to squeeze palms together and slight across each other. Be sure to squeeze chest on each rep and keep the tension there, not in your shoulders. Keep core tight, back arched, and one leg staggered in front of the other. I like changing which foot is out front for each set. 4 x 12.  After each set, superset into double arm tricep kickback.

Superset into the double arm tricep kick back for 15 reps. Be next to the mirror so you can watch your triceps all the way up the back of your arm. 4 x 15

Barbell Incline Bench Press:  Set the bench on a slight incline. This helps to give you a different angle than usual. Do 2-3 warm up sets of 10, pyramid up in weight until you find a good weight you really struggle with 10, then do 3 sets of 10. Then keep it there for each set. Feet flat, slight arch in lower back, and breathe out while pressing the weight up. Bring the bar about one inch above your chest then drive it up about 3/4 of the way. Constant tension here, no locking out your elbows.

Dumbbell Bench Press: Do a warm up set or two on a flat bench, then increase the weight each set for 12, 10, 8. Don’t get lazy or move too fast through this workout. EVERY SINGLE rep matters.  Move too fast and you end up cheating only yourself. Get the most, and be the most. 

Dumbbell Decline Bench Press: This time take a flat bench, and put two 25 pound plates next to each other and under one side of a flat bench. This will also change the angle. The plates should be under the side of your feet. 1-2 warm up sets of 12, then pyramid up in weight each set for 12, 10, and 8.

Heavy Side Laterals: SHOULDERS! Grab two heavy dumbbells and stand in front of the mirror so you can watch your deltoids scream. Find the sweet spot range of motion for your side laterals, and make the most of 25, then jump on the shoulder press machine to squeeze out 12 reps. You will be tired, so no need for super heavy on the shoulder press. Be safe. Rest about 45 seconds and go back to it.  Do 3 rounds of this.

Dumbbell Skull Crushers: Each set, keep your elbows in the same spot to keep that tension on your triceps. Each set, reach a little further past your head for a good tricep stretch. 4 x 12


Make sure you study the videos below and consult a physician.  Always use perfect form to protect from injury.

Disclosure: Always consult a physician before beginning any nutrition or training program.  I am not a doctor, registered dietitian, or a certified personal trainer.  These programs were built by me throughout my national competitions and the opinions are my own.  To support my blogging activities and free programs, I may receive compensation from affiliate links that you click on at no extra cost to you. To receive free fitness tips, workouts, and special offers, sign up here and save to your address book. 

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