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Whewie!  It is your LAST week in this 12 week program!  Definitely be sure to subscribe to newsletter for more workouts and tips because I definitely have much more in the line up for you!  Hopefully over these training sessions, you are learning the rhythm and flow of getting three main days of training, and then sprinkling your abs, calves, and cardio around it.

You will find that this program is ideal for staying strong without having to live in the gym.  You probably have stuff going on in life; like who doesn’t, right?

This is also a reminder that everyone is battling a war we know nothing about, so be kind always. Give your best in your training, and let kindness flow through you.  Let strength flow through you.


Weight Training Tip


One thing I love about weight training, is focusing on the blood pumping into the muscle to get it working.  Visualize the muscle.  Feel the blood to feed that area and really focus on each rep.  You can put your hand on the muscle you are working to get your mind really connected to the muscle being worked.  The more you feel that blood, the more the blood is carrying the nutrition you have been working so hard for, to fuel your muscle.


Sports Nutrition Supplements


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Week 12 Leg Day


Seated Leg Curls: 2 warm up sets of 15. Then 4 sets of 12. Rest pause at every rep, where you completely relax your hamstrings each time before doing your next one. So execute perfectly by squeezing hard, as far as you can get your feet back, and lower slowly all the way to the top. Rest pause for a second at the top and squeeze back down again.

  • Superset from leg curls to the stiff leg deadlift, but use dumbbells instead of the bar. 4 x 8 Doesn’t have to be real heavy, but to focus on keeping hips back as far as possible, weight through your heels, and dumbbells close to your shins. Focus on feeling the stretch through your hamstrings, then squeeze your glutes keeping dumbbell’s close to body, only coming up about 3/4 of the way. Rest about 60 seconds to start next round.


Leg Extensions: *Notice Jay Cutler in the video who has an emphasis on the importance of warming up the joints and getting blood in the muscle before working. Do 2-3 warm up sets and pyramid up weight each time. Squeeze hard for 2 seconds at the top and use full range of motion.

  • When you finish 8, immediately pick up a dumbbell for 8 walking lunges per side. CAREFUL on form and coordination so you don’t trip. You should already be tired by this point. Rest 60 seconds and start next round for a total of 4 rounds.


Smith Machine Squat: Pyramid up with a few low rep sets. Build up to a weight that is hard for 8. Go deep on these with perfect form, and use a weight that will allow you do go deep and struggle for 8 for 4 sets.

Calf Raises: 3 sets of 20. Stretch calves immediately after the sets. I normally don’t include calves on leg day workouts, but don’t forget to train calves when it works best for your schedule. You can do them at the end of leg day if you want, or perhaps on a day where you are getting in your abs and cardio.The best thing here, is that you can make it work for your schedule. The most important thing is the three main training days, and have abs, calves, and cardio ‘sprinkled’ around those 3.  Makes it simple enough right?

Stretch hip flexors, quads, and hamstrings for a good 20-30 seconds each.  If you haven’t signed up to have the 12 weeks sent directly to you, then sign up below!  Add me to your address book to avoid your workouts from going into your spam folder.

Disclosure: Always consult a physician before beginning any nutrition or training program.  I am not a doctor, registered dietitian, or a certified personal trainer.  These programs were built by me throughout my national competitions and the opinions are my own.  To support my blogging activities and free programs, I may receive compensation from affiliate links that you click on at no extra cost to you. To receive free fitness tips, workouts, and special offers, sign up here and save to your address book. 

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Week 11 Legs

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