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Wow.  I can’t believe this is the 12th week of this program!  I hope you are feeling stronger and have been making positive changes to your nutrition for your own goals.  Whether you are following a meal plan or the simple plan I sent you in the email back when you first signed up, you should be getting closer to the physique you have been working hard for.

Wherever your stance is on what a body ‘should’ look like, there is no room for body shaming.  There are ALL different types and shapes of bodies in this world; respect them just as you would like to be respected.

Skinny, overweight, muscular, or whatever…. it’s ok to have the ideal for yourself but don’t put your opinions and expectations on others.  Instead of criticizing someone else, just let them go and work on yourself.



Week 12 Back and Biceps


Reverse Grip Lat Pull Down: try to take more focus off your biceps by engaging your core. Slightly lean back keeping chest up and arched, chin up and squeeze bar down to chest. 2-3 warm up sets of 12 first, pyramid up in weight until you find a weight you struggle to get 12. Use that weight for 3 sets. If it gets too easy, add more weight and squeeze harder.

Smith Machine Bent over Row: be sure to watch video to watch form and protect your back. Hold bar against your lower ribs for 2-3 seconds before releasing. 4 x 8

Dumbbell One Arm Row: increase weight each time then 3 sets of 12.  Be sure shoulder blade is stretching out, and initiating movement in your lats to get those to grow! For you ladies, ‘growing’ your lats for a wider back isn’t a bad thing!  This helps to get the look that actually makes your waist look smaller.

Lying Pullover is one of my favorites. 3 x 12 Grab a moderately heavy dumbbell. I personally love using this a stretch. Move the dumbbell as in the video over and behind your head until you feel your lats begin to stretch, right under the back of your shoulders (the back side of your armpits). When you feel that stretch, bring the weight up and over your head engaging lats the entire way.

Dumbbell Shrugs: Hold heavy dumbbells and while keeping core engaged, shrug shoulders and squeeze for 3 solid seconds before lowering. Make sure you stretch your neck after this one. 3 x 20

Do a few warm up sets for biceps and then you have 4 rounds of bicep supersets. Lets see if you can curl more than you did last week!


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Biceps Superset


  1. One Arm Dumbbell Preacher Curls: 4 x 8
  2. Standing Dumbbell Curls: 4 x 6




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bailey 1Hi! I'm Bailey! I am a national athlete in two sports, passionate about natural living, and even more passionate about getting and giving the MOST out of this short life. I massage, coach, compete, and share all my secrets here. Enjoy!

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