bailey 1Hi! I’m Bailey!  I write to help others become healthier and believe in themselves, while sharing my own journey and tips.

This is also where you can schedule a massage with our advanced therapists located in Grandview Heights, just a few blocks from The Ohio State University Medical Center.

It’s a true honor to work with people who want to take baby steps to becoming healthier when too intimidated to start, to being sought out by professional athletes and celebrities.  Even the best of the best started somewhere *wink *wink!

After practicing the art and science of massage therapy for 18 years (gosh that makes me sound old!), I wanted to share more than just the power of touch, but how to live.  I love to share stuff on lifestyle tips, weight training, clean recipes for a healthier and leaner you, and natural recipes for beauty, home, and spa!


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My husband helps me with the tech side of things so I can do what I’m good at, and he can do what he’s good at. He came with me to get in a cage of wolves when we were dating, so I figured he would be the best fit to live an adventurous life with while both of us loving God and being perfectly imperfect together.

Enjoy and don’t forget to say hello!  I’m here to help.



Important Note about Scheduling a Massage

I am usually booked with massages in advance because I am only massaging two days a week to focus on writing.  If I am, please schedule with Paulette.  She is my first recommendation and works with many athletes as well. It’s so awesome to hear how many shared that she gave them the best massage they have ever had! If you would like to be on the email list to be notified as soon as schedule opens, please subscribe.

We also offer Massage Gift Certificates, but give us 2-3 days to mail them to you for the perfect gift.  Schedule your appointment online and see you soon!

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