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It has been an honor to provide Massage Therapy for nearly 18 years, beginning with Cancer Patients and Sports Medicine Patients, to spa parties and working with Celebrities and Professional Athletes.  Whether it’s working with physicians or patients, every massage is an opportunity to truly listen  and customize to your needs.  Every being is absolutely unique, so each massage should be as well!

Right now we are only taking appointments Monday through Friday until we can find more 5-star quality therapists for you.  We would love to hire evening and weekend therapists, so if you know of some pretty amazing therapists, we are hiring!  We also have Massage Gift Certificates available for that perfect gift!


Voted Best Massage in Columbus


At Massage by Bailey, we are a team that focuses on giving you the best Deep Tissue as we have been voted as number one in Columbus. We have worked the Columbus Crew SC, Columbus Blue Jackets, fitness professionals, and many unique individuals; so why not YOU?

We customize our Deep Tissue and Sports Massage to your preference for a one-of-a-kind experience in our Grandview Location inside Studio Elements. Schedule your appointment below and we will ease your aches and pains soon!

Much Love, Guidance, and God’s Richest Blessings on you!




Verified Massage Reviews of This Business


“As an 11 year veteran of pro soccer I know the importance of recovery and preparation. Six months into working with Bailey, I have less minor injuries and nagging ailments than in years previous. I never play consecutive games without a massage. Bailey’s willingness and ability to listen to my body, adjust pressure and find the balance between recovery and preparation allows me to be at my best on game days. Myself and the Columbus Crew SC are lucky and privileged to have worked with the Bailey as she is the best in the business.”    – Michael Parkhurst. Team Captain of the Columbus Crew SC


“I have been working with Bailey during the 2015 season and I have never felt better.  Her technique and touch of Sport Massage is unique.  It helps to also be in the hands of an athlete because she knows what the body needs and she cares a lot about how you are performing, day in and day out.”   – Kei Kamara, MLS Leading Goalscorer 


I’ve had massages from Madonna’s own therapist, and Bailey’s are even better than hers! — Ricart


Bailey is the best kept secret of Columbus!  I want to tell everyone about her, but also want to keep her all to myself!” – Sam, Dr of Physical Therapy and Avid Runner


Getting a massage from Bailey is different then any I’ve had before, and I’ve had massages all over the world. Her heart for people’s health and well being comes out in her massages. It’s not a I -do-this-for-your-money massage. She’s gifted! – Larry Miller




Warm & Wonderful

Bailey is very talented, intuitive, and full of knowledge that she uses to make a wonderful experience! – C.P.

Customer since April 2013


Better Than The Rest

Excellent massage, much better than I have received at other spas. Also provided stretching options and made it an educational experience as well. – B.D.

Customer since April 2013


The real Deal

It’s been a while since I truly received a deep tissue massage.I can’t wait to book my next appointment. I highly recommend her! – Richard M.

Customer since April 2013


Highly Recommended!

The best message I have ever had in Columbus! She really knows her stuff and gives a personalized message. – Laura P

Customer since April 2013


Highly Recommended

I have never experienced a massage that gave me the results I get from Bailey. She takes the time to warmly greet you and listens intently to your needs so that you will get the most out of your massage. Whether you need deep tissue, pressure point or relaxation, you will leave there feeling much better than when you arrived. What separates Bailey from other massage therapists is the feeling that you are her entire focus and her concern for your well-being is genuine. – Dee Dee P

Customer since April 2013


Bailey massage is the best trust me!!

I get massages ofter and have seen dozens of massage therapist all over the united states. Bailey is the most thorough! starting with the consultation, she hears your needs and then she delivers with perfection. I leave with my body and mind in a better place every time! Everyone need a bailey massage. – Holly Judah

Customer since July 2012



I have chronic back, neck and shoulder pain brought on by a combination of my own poor posture and a couple of injuries. Bailey has been able to address the muscle pain as well as coach me on my posture. I always feel completely comfortable with her, able to relax, which hasn’t always been the case for me with other massage therapists. I can’t recommend her highly enough! – Sue B

Customer since March 2013


The highest recommendation

I scheduled a 60 minute full body deep tissue massage. Bailey carefully listened to my needs and attentively addressed both the problem areas and my overall well being. She had the strength to dig into my tight runner’s legs and work out all of the tension. At the same time she had the sensitivity to work around an upper body injury without causing any pain. I extended this appointment up to 90 minutes and am already scheduling my return visit. – Jason

Customer since March 2013


Outstanding therapist.

Bailey is phenomenal. Listens intently to your health conerns, then tailors the treatment perfectly for your situation. Not only massage, also stretching and fitness tips. Recommend putting her on your monthy “don’t miss” list. – Robert S.

Customer since September 2012


Deep tissue expert

I’ve been going to Bailey for over two years now and she has fixed many chronic muscle problems I’ve had. Her deep tissue is thorough and purposeful, and as a result, I can now work out and run pain-free. She is a wonderful therapist and counselor, and her knowledge is unsurpassed. I highly recommend her! – Drew Mossman

Customer since January 2013



After being highly recommended by multiple friends, I went in for my first massage. Bailey was very professional and the whole experience as a whole was very relaxing. It was so enjoyable! The time flew by too quick! She focuses on communication and finding the areas that give you the most trouble. She even offers tips & advice as to life-style changes to prevent these areas from problems in the future!- John M

Customer since December 2012


Great massage

Bailey has tremendous experience, and identified on my first visit areas that need additional work and how she would approach treatment. Very good experience! – G.T.

Customer since October 2012


Relief & Release

There is no doubt that Bailey knows the body! I know when I get a massage from her, she will find whatever is not working correctly and get to the point of fixing it. She not only tends to the physical part of a person, but the whole person! – Jeana B

Customer since November 2012


Just what my body needed…

I have not had a massage in a few years…since then my body has taken a beating, ie…military, exercise etc. I have recently suffered a hip injury and wasn’t sure if a massage would help. Here it is, a month later and I’m feeling RELIEF! I am so thankful for Bailey, who not only provided a very relaxing environment, but also paid special attention to my needs! Thank you Ms. Bailey! I’ll be seeing you again after the New Year!! – Chandra

Customer since November 2012


excellent job in spite of my tardiness

Wednesday nite i got a text from Bailey at 7:04 “u r still coming rnt u? Ah yes, there had been no need for me to open that reminder that Bailey sent me 2 days b/4 b/c i knew my appointment was for Thursday nite. The one which i then opened and had my memory refreshed that my appointment was in fact for Wednesday nite. A quick shower and a Ryan Gosling drive to Bailey’s and i arrived only 41 minutes late! Despite this Bailey was friendly and patient and gave me an excellent massage. – Stephen J

Customer since July 2012



This was my first experience with a professional massage therapist. It was well worth it! My wife actually scheduled it for me because of my back pain. She could have warned me it was for a deep tissue massage! Bailey is awesome and very knowledgeable! I like the fact that she prayed over me. You won’t regret your decision! – Daniel

Customer since November 2012


best masseur in town

Seriously if your like me and don’t get body work as much as you would like, then do yourself a favor and go to the best. Very professional and soothing atmosphere and the most talented set of hands. Any other massage may be a waste of time and money as far as I’m concerned…. – Kris Shuster

Customer since November 2012


The Best!

Bailey is the best in this industry. 2 hours of VIP treatment went fast and left totally relaxed and ready for the holidays! – Brian H

Customer since November 2012


I keep coming back

I travel through Columbus from time to time and if possible I always schedule a 1.5 hr massage with Bailey. For over 8 years her deep tissue massages have been excellant and I haven’t found anyone that good yet in my hometown area. Her massages are 5 star. – John B

Customer since October 2012


Magic hands!

I have been having some painful muscle issues in my back. Bailey’s hands worked wonders, and I am no longer in pain!!! I felt relaxed and important. Regular massages are definitely going to be included in my schedule! – Arlene B

Customer since September 2012



I have been getting massaged by Bailey for years but this last one was truely the best one yet!! I was so relaxed and she made me feel amazing. Can’t wait for the next one!! – Katy Antol

Customer since August 2012



I was way overdue for a massage and was looking forward to getting worked on by Bailey. My time on her table was more than healing – I truly felt like a new person when I had to leave. I wish I would have booked 2 hrs. Bailey’s technique and strength as a massage therapist is exceptional. She really listened to what was going on with my body and left me feeling fantastic. Can’t wait to get back to see her. – Danielle Smith

Customer since August 2012


What an outstanding experience!

Bailey radiates a tremendous positive energy–one that calms, surrounds, and nurtures. I was surprised at how emotional the experience was! I walked into that door of hers a broken man. And I’m here to tell you, I left that massage table feeling refreshed and more free than ever before! It’s as if she searched out and found the hurt and brought it to the surface; wounds were healed. I left speechless but today, my thoughts are collected: I adore this woman, and you will too! – Jason Rutledge

Customer since August 2012



Bailey’s deep tissue massage is the best ever! I love to run, and I also hit the gym on a regular basis. Her massage really relieves the aches and pains associated with being active. I arrive at my appointment stiff and achy, and leave feeling loose and very relaxed. Bailey is attuned to her clients’ expectations-she will chat if you like, but will leave you to enjoy the silence if thats what you want. She is very professional and skilled- I highly recommend her. – Martha S

Customer since August 2012



I have never had a message before, but this one will be hard to top. I am a gymnast and have some tension in my body from all of the pounding. Bailey customized my appointment just for me and it was fantastic! Highly recommend – Danielle Perry

Customer since July 2012


Massage feedback

First time massage. Loved it. She was very attentive to detail. Will refer others and will go back again. Very professional. – John Bannon

Customer since August 2012


Simply Awesome

Bailey gave me an awesome sports massage. I was really impressed with the strength in her hands. She has as much as Eddie, a former U. S. Olympic athlete, who was my massage therapist b/4 i moved to Columbus. I also really liked how she talked with me during my massage. She is a good listener. And, i had alot to say b/c it had been a long week! – Stephen Jennings

Customer since July 2012


World class

Think of the most blissful experience you can imagine and that is a massage by Bailey.Her professional skills,soothing setting and calming personality will melt your stress and relieve Your aches and pains.She has been a miracle worker relieving chronic neck and back pain for me. – Michael H

Customer since July 2012


Amazing Massage

Bailey is very informed and quite skilled in her craft. The atmosphere was soothing/relaxing. Bailey has a way to put you at ease. I will be back again. – Marc Sergent

Customer since July 2012


Excellent Job

Bailey is the best therapist which I have used in the last 5 years. Not only does she listen but the quality of her massage is better than any I have had. You can find no one better to help with any back issues. – Mark B

Customer since July 2012


bailey 1Hi! I'm Bailey! I am a national athlete in two sports, passionate about natural living, and even more passionate about getting and giving the MOST out of this short life. I massage, coach, compete, and share all my secrets here. Enjoy!

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