If there are a few things I will do for the rest of my life for an overall healthier me, I plan to weight train, practice yoga, meditate and pray, take nutrition supplements, and eat clean.  I love the challenge of gaining strength, losing fat, feeling healthier, and mindfully connecting to my muscles in each workout. And the awesome part, is that I’m sharing it with you for free and that you don’t have to be in the gym every day to do it because it only takes three days.

Since this article is about weight training programs, let me explain its benefits:

  1. one of the fastest ways to lose fat
  2. one of the fastest ways to sculpt your body
  3. improves the quality of your sport
  4. improves the quality of your life
  5. prevents injury if done correctly
  6. increases self-confidence


Those are the most basic reasons for weight training.  I’ve been successfully finishing in the top 5 for every NPC Figure Competition and top 10 of competing nationally with the very programs I am sharing with you for free.  Sign up here to start receiving your program!

Click here to check out the details of what to expect in the program here.

Photo Credit Rick Burbacher

Photo Credit Rick Burbacher




bailey 1Hi! I'm Bailey! I am a national athlete in two sports, passionate about natural living, and even more passionate about getting and giving the MOST out of this short life. I massage, coach, compete, and share all my secrets here. Enjoy!

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